gluten-free summer zucchini fritters

There’s this older gentleman who lives behind my mother’s house named Morgan. Morgan has this beautiful small farm/large garden (farden?) where for years he’s grown corn and lettuce and small trees and he works incredibly hard to make it bountiful.

Finally two summers ago, Morgan decided to share the wealth of his gargantuan zucchini with us. And, trust me, our lives and our summers have never been the same. Photo example below.


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indian-spiced turkey lettuce wraps

There’s nothing that slaps you in the face quite like realizing you have to be in a bathing suit in a week. Especially since your brain told you it was hibernation time and eating Chipotle burrito bowls twice a week was a good idea.


I’m going on a business trip to Punta Cana (Business trip or adult play group? One may never know.) in a little over a week and I’ve been less than stellar in the food department recently. Last year was the first time I was approaching the holidays both dairy and gluten-free and I actually was PSYCHED. I made Against All Grain’s amazing Paleo Pumpkin Pie, I was eating garlicky sauteed kale and roasted butternut squash like it was my job. But this year? I’m struggling to stay motivated and stick to the healthy stuff. Continue reading

challenge accepted: unfancified gluten-free, dairy-free pizza

There was a challenge set upon me.

Living in the land of northern New Jersey where pizza is a religion, there was definitely a hole in my life where the mighty pie once sat.

I’d see it on others’ plates, taunting me, teasing me in all its cheesy, oily goodness. A few weeks ago after a marathon day of winery-hopping on Long Island with my girlfriends, I had my wine-induced superpowers on and thought that stealing a bite of bacon pizza wouldn’t kill me. One bite turned into half a slice and then I subsequently wept myself to sleep in pain.

Then I thought… okay, let’s be a real adult and not do that again.

So last night with a little brainstorming and maybe a fraction of the wine superpowers, I created this pizza monstrosity that took all my willpower not to eat the whole thing.

The gluten-free pizza dough eluded me at first… did I really want to make my own? Buy the right flour, yeast packets–what in the world do I do with the yeast? Or do I buy the pre-made kind out of the aisle at the supermarket whose prices are only for the 1%? Yeah, no. I cruised the store to find a frozen dough that cost over $7 and it had dairy in it, so no go. Found a boxed one on the shelf, over $8 and also dairy. But then… I found this guy:

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unfancified roasted red pepper sauce

Welcome to unfancified!

Thanks for hanging out with me! Get to know me a little better and check out my about page. A riveting read, I promise.

Life’s been a little crazy here: I’m about two and a half months in to the start of getting my MBA and continuing to work full-time. Unfortunately, it hasn’t left much time for me to cook at night, which I noticed was making me not feel as fulfilled as I used to be when I was cooking regularly. So, on my first night off in a while, this happened.


My unfancified version of Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, that I paired with gluten free pasta and some sauteed shrimp!

It really blew my mind how unbelievably rich it was without any cream, milk, or butter. And there is really nothing more therapeutic then roasting your own peppers. It’s the truest thing I’ve ever written.

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